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Somax Token is a DeFi cryptocurrency, Two main functions happen during a trade, RFI static rewards distributed to holders and LP acquisition.


SomaxPay is an all-in-one wallet that works with the Binance Smart Chain, making it easier to use SMX.

Somax Token

Our aim is to develop blockchain technology in the health sector and to create a digital ledger in the health sector.

Somax Token

We show how the Somax blockchain technology supports a distributed payment network and improves methods for receiving and sharing health data. How identity components fit into blockchains, how validated data can form the basis for a single medical identity, how cryptography can support a physician’s secure approval of healthcare data among patients related to their profession, how Somax technology can automate and eliminate many internal quality controls and how patient claims they are. We will show you how you can change your processes. Strengthening a shared infrastructure can bring new efficiencies to patients and healthcare providers, and we will have an impact on labor costs, reconciliation efforts, automated decision-making rates and the overall member experience.



Total Supply

Rewards For Holding
Holders receive a share of 5% fees applied to every transaction. Essentially taxing swing traders, while rewarding holding.

Automatic Liquidity Pool
On top of redistribution, a further 5% transaction deduction is applied to grow liquidity pool. This helps stabilize the token price over time.

Fair Community Launch
Somax are sold via a fair launch for anyone in the community to buy without any pre-sale. This gives anyone a chance to buy in early.


One of the first unique contracts with only 10% tax. 5% goes straight to liquidity for a healthy liquidity pool, 5% is distributed to wallet holders..


Your new best friend! No bureaucracy, no technical terms, no configurations, just download and start using it.

Your income

Check your balance and your income easily.
Share your income with charities.


Events are held regularly

Your income

Check your balance and your income easily.
Share your income with charities.


. . .

Phase 1

  • BSC Scan Somax added
  • Mobile Compatible Website was made
  • Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Medium accounts opened
  • Community votes, events and competitions
  • Airdrop draws have been made
  • Website and Twitter launch
  • White Paper was prepared
  • Coingecko Application Listed 10/25/21
  • Coinmarketcap Application Listed 10/24/21
  • BSC Scan MC and Logo added
  • Livecoinwatch Listed
  • Trust wallet price and Logo

Phase 2

  • Fair launch with buy limit (In Progress)
  • Pancakeswap listing
  • Coinmarketcap Listing 10/24/21
  • Coingecko Listing 10/25/21
  • Marketing Campaigns (In Progress)
  • Community votes, events and competitions (In Progress)
  • Trust wallet logo and price
  • Pancakeswap logo

Phase 3

  • Somax will be listed on popular exchanges
  • We will launch Somax wallet
  • will be our mainnet migration
  • Platform Extensions
  • Community Votes (e.g. changing taxes)

Phase 4

  • Somax team, we will accept new friends among us. In addition, we will have a great gift.
  • Negotiating and marketing applications with hospitals and healthcare companies
  • NFT Staking and Mining
  • Ecosystem Development

Somax Token

Ticker: $SOMAX
Contract address 0x586330013C8f2352AB5f57215F9E56747eE8837E
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Supply: $SOMAX

You can check the balance and all transactions in this portfolio directly at BSCscan by clicking here